“The college search process is so overwhelming.  Where do I start?” 

“How can I determine what schools will be a good fit for my child?”

“How many colleges should we apply to?”  

At CSG, we understand that this is a very important time for your family.  Your child is becoming an adult, and is about to embark on a life altering journey and is relying on you to help guide them.  The college search and application process has changed since we went to school.  There is a plethora of information out there, and our kids are adept at using the internet to gather information.  But with so much information available, it’s often hard to know where to start.

With the bewildering array of schools, we understand that learning what schools might be a good fit for your child involves time, patience and perseverance.  Parents and their high school students have to agree on types of schools, geography, programs, etc.  They have to prep for and take standardized tests (although there are more “test-optional” choices), while worrying about their schoolwork and grades.  Once you’ve identified schools, your student has to potentially write multiple essays, collect recommendation letters and articulate the tangible and intangible reasons they would be a good addition to their ideal colleges.  And then, after sleepless nights waiting for admissions decisions, deciding between multiple school acceptances all with varying financial implications can reduce parents to tears.        

College Search Guidance can expertly guide you through this process!  We offer skilled assistance to help families navigate researching, visiting, and applying to schools that fit their child.  Our research encompasses thousands of colleges and universities across the nation and we can provide you a basic roadmap of where to start, or help you develop a specific list of schools to target. Services may include: a family interview, a list of schools, a customized school tour schedule, application assistance, essay review, interview guidance and follow up after acceptances are received. 

Express Consultation

A 30 minute conference (phone or Zoom) – for those who have done initial research but have specific questions regarding their family’s particular situation. Verbal only, no written documentation provided.

Initial Consultation

A 90 minute conference (phone, Zoom, or in person) where we will review the in-depth online questionnaire prior to consultation, present schools for your consideration, and provide guidance on the application process including timing.

Hourly Services

Information or comparison of different schools or programs, a customized list of schools, consultation, or any on-going support throughout the process.

Additional Services

Researching school tours, reviewing and revising application essays, interview preparation or portfolio feedback, application deadline reminders, post-acceptance decision making assistance.